Insights Into C.I.S. Women and Why They Want To Marry You
- excerpts from letters to Russian Connection members

"Dear Charlie,
Why did I trust my destiny to the club? Your country is like a fairy tale
where I am seeking a prince... In my own country I don't think
I can find a fine man who would respect me and care about me,
who would make me happy. I know that men from your country treat women
in a different way, in a better way than here. I want to have a happy family
and I want to give my love and care to my husband and children.
Why did you decide to seek a wife from the other side of the planet?"

Luba, Kazakhstan - July 1999

Luba and Charles were married July 15, 2000 and are living in Soquel, California.

"Dear Norman,
It may be difficult for you to understand the situation. I will try to explain. First of all historically it happenend that there are more women in my country than men, secondly some percentage of men (Russian habit) like to drink. And the most serious reason is that after the country fell apart and the economic situation began to deteriorate dramatically, it happened that women turned out to be more flexible and succeeded in finding their place in new life better than many men. So it became difficult to meet a worthy man. From the first two reasons you can guess that strong competition between women for good men made us look beautiful, educated, alert and smart, while men became lazy and stopped taking care of themselves."
Irina, Kazakhstan - June 1999

Irina and Norman Fahmie were married Oct. 24, 1999 and living in El Sobrante, CA

"Hello Richard,
Now I want to answer your questions... why don't I like Russian men?
Because they don't see a person in a woman. Mostly they are gettting
married so they can have a housekeeper and also they want a woman
working like a horse, fulfilling both work around the house and having
a full time job. I heard that American men appreciate a woman and they
see a person first of all, not a free housekeeper... Maybe I am wrong and
don't know a lot about American men. People are difficult everywhere.
Our men are mostly like this: if they get into trouble or something bad
will happen to them, they can't handle it. They start drinking or doing
drugs and the poor women are supposed to provide everything for the
family without paying attention if she is strong enough to do it."

Tatyana, Russia - June 1999

"Dear Peter,
America is the world's brain, Russia is it's heart"
Ludmila, Russia - May 1999

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