A unique feature offered by our singles organization is Singles Counseling - a term and concept created by Video Introductions to identify a name and a need for specialized counseling for single persons - as differentiated from the established concept and practice of marriage counseling.

Singles Counseling covers a broad range of concerns facing the single person. Loneliness, dating difficulties, shyness, adjustment to separation or divorce, self esteem, value clarification, physical appearance, sexual concerns, unrealistic standards or expectations, risk taking, fear or distrust of the opposite sex, and other relationship issues are some of the areas that are of particular concern to singles.

Singles Counseling may be used prior to, in conjunction with, or separate from utilization of the dating aspect of our service. If you feel that you might like to explore some of your concerns as a single with a counselor, we can help you arrange an appointment with a singles counselor who will assess your situation and work with you regarding your concerns, or refer you to another resource or professional who can be of help.

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