Tips On How To Write Your Letter

1) Put the date at the top of the letter. Contrary to our practice put the
day before the month. For example, 4 July, 2001 instead of July 4, 2001.
2) Be friendly. Addressing a lady by her first name is fine, but premature
use of endearing or verbally possessive terms may be counterproductive.
3) Initially, be conservative with flattery. She may react negatively if she thinks your're feeding her a line.
4) Be as clear and understandable as possible without coming across as condescending. Don't use obscure words or slang terms.
5) If your handwriting is poor, it might be impossible for a foreigner to read at all. If so, consider typing your letter or we can prepare it on word processing equipment if you will compose what you want to say. Or you can ask that we write it in Russian - a thoughtful gesture which will be appreciated by those women with limited English. Moreover, we can also prepare a translated videotaped interview in our professional studio to send along as well.
6) Use good stationary, or better yet special stationary. We have a variety of designer stationary available. Don't write in pencil or send obviously photocopied letters.
7) Offer information about yourself. Your work, your values, interests, or why you've decided to take this international approach are good for starters. Although some of this information may have already been covered on your Member Profile, your letter gives you an opportunity to expand on some of these issues. However save complicated issues which could be easily misunderstood, and in-depth discussions for subsequent letters or your actual meeting. Be polite. Show an interest in her as a person.
8) Although we ask women to list children, sometimes this information is withheld. If you definitely want someone who doesn't have children, say so from the start. You don't want to find this out late in the game if you're not prepared to deal with this responsibility.
9) Remember, the C.I.S. like most of the rest of the world, uses the metric system. When talking figures, it is advisale to convert to metic equivalents.
10) Do not attempt to overly impress her with your wealth, staus, etc. She may value and care more about is how well you will treat her (and her children if she has any). On the other hand, be aware that you need to be able to support her properly and convey this to her. She doesn't want to leave a life of financial hardship in her country to face it again in yours.
11) It's possible that the two of you have command of a shared language. If you're multi-lingual, mention this as a possibility for increased communication.
12) Don't overwhelm her with unimportant questions, but try to convey that you are interested in her and her culture and that you would be pleased to learn whatever she wants to share with you. On the other hand, if something is extremely important for you to know, don't hesitate to ask it early on. It doesn't make sense to drag out something that will ultimately fail because you were afraid to ask necessary questions. Likewise encourage her to ask you any important questions that may be on her mind.
13) Present your occupation appropriately. For example, if you own a landscaping business, it is better to say that you own this business rather than say that you're a gardener. If you're a college graduate or a certified professional you may want to elaborate on your educational credentials. Don't exaggerate your income. You'll be asked to verify it if you apply for a fiancee visa anyway.
14) Enclose an (available at our office or purchaseable at U.S. Post Offices) in each letter. A coupon allows the woman to respond without postage cost. Otherwise postage to respond to your letter can cost her a half days pay if she has low wages, and may limit or delay the number of resonses you receive.
15) If contact with a particular woman doesn't continue to interest you, or you've narrowed your search, inform her with a polite and kind, but honest explanation of why you will no longer be making contact with her. Don't leave the situation's just common courtesy!
16) Don't engage is prolonged letter writing. It's very discouraging for a woman to continue to write to, and believe a man will come to Russia if he drags things out too long. Even if you're the man she prefers, a man who actually makes the trip is more likely to win her hand.

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