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The end of the cold war between the U.S. and the U.S.S.R. brought about an unexpected surprise - the availability of numerous desirable Russian women with an amazing attraction toward American men. As a result of increased contact between our countries, it soon became evident that some of the values and desires of American men and Russian women coincided so well that we discovered an extraordinary attraction between us. Good, kind, decent American men, serious about a relationship but frustrated with American women, began to take notice. Russian women, likewise disappointed with characteristics of some of the men in their country, found qualities in many American men to be extremely desirable. Awareness of this cultural affinity led to available services through our program in order to provide a practical means of bringing about friendship and marriages between our countries. We provide the necessary knowledge, experience and services to make it happen.

A comprehensive range of services are made available. We don't limit services only to providing photos, information and a way to contact these women. Services include guidance and support throughout the process, from making selections and initial contacts, to arranging your trip, providing housing, translator and guide, along with a dignified meeting process and numerous other relationship enhancing services before and after your trip. If you're among the vast majority of our clients who find success through our approach, we can provide you with assistance to bring your fianc´┐Że to the United States. There's a lot of room for confusion and error at each stage of the process which demands the expertise of experienced professionals. We provide this expertise.

If you're serious about finding a decent lifelong partner and willing to invest the necessary time, effort and some money, our program can help you with what could become the most rewarding adventure of your life!

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